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Wellness means relaxing and harmonizing body and soul. When you hear the word "Wellness" you automatically think about relaxing, massages, taking baths and going to the sauna. If you want to do something special fpr your body and to get away from everyday life for a little while, you will find the perfect location in the Renchtal valley. Wonderful swimming pool facilities and a wide range of wellness activities offer magnificent relaxation. Recharge your batteries in perfect harmony!

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The "Bader Almhütte"

If you want to get away from your everyday life and are ready for a very special wellness experience you should definitly take some time off at the "Bader Almhütte" in Oppenau-Ibach. 

The "Bader Almhütte" is located out in the nature. The owner of the "Bader Almhütte" restored an old Black Forest Farm and turned it into a natural Wellness-Center, where you can experience another way of Wellness. 

Up to 16 people can sleep in at the "Bader Almhütte" all the rooms are individually designed. It is also a great place to spend some relaxing days with your family and friends. 

At the "Bader Almhütte" Wellness is such a special experience because here wellness means:

- sauna outside in a wooden barrel, celebrated like a ceremony like they did it in the Middle Ages

- taking baths in a tub made out of wood with all kind of bath supplements only made with local herbs and ingredients, of course also outside

- along with the "bathing ceremonys" comes local, traditional food and drinks, as well as massages and antique bathing cloths 

In this environment you can enjoy Wellness like they did 200 years ago. Relaxation in pure silence surrounded by nature.

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Bad Antogast - The Art of Living

Bad Antogast hosts the International European Art of Living Center since 1995. Thousands of people visit Bad Antogast every year to join Art of Living workshops and courses and yoga retreat holidays.

At Bad Antogast everyone is welcome who is seraching fpr a peaceful corner to escape from the busy modern life, city noises and who wants to relax in beautiful sourroundings and pure nature. To make this stay meaningful Bad Antogast offers yoga and mediation classes, Ayurvedic massages and treatments an much more.

At Bad Antogast you can join the courses no matter how experienced you are. There are guided programs for all age groups. You are also welcome to enjoy your holidays with your own programm like hiking, mountain biking, horse riding, swimming, etc.

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