Culinary Delights - Renchtal - The forefront of the Black Forest.

Delicacies in the Culinary Paradise of Baden

The Rench Valley offers you a wide range of culinary delights. Our first-class restaurants serve a mixture of specialties of the tradition-rich Baden cuisine and the related Alsatian cuisine. Nationwide rewarded wines as well as schnapps and liqueurs from over 1,100 distilleries are among the finest products of the region.

Food, Drinks and Restaurants - Baden-Alsatian Cuisine

Oberkircher Weinwanderung - Hiking with Wine-tasting

Oberkirch in the Rench Valley is located in the middle of the so called „Wine Paradise Ortenau“.  The winerys in the Renchtal produce really fine wine. If you want to convince yourself, you can do so with a hiking tour through Oberkirchs vineyards. During the tour you can taste the delicious wines and enjoy a 4-course menu.

You start with a glas of sparkling wine and an appetizer at the Winery "Renner”. From there you start your tour through the city center and the urban park of Oberkirch until you reach the restaurant and hotel “Haus am Berg”.  Here you will be served the second course, which will be a fine fish dish.  Afterwards you walk through the so called “paradise” up to the ruins of the Schauenburg. At the restaurant next to the ruins you well be served the main course (here you can also choose a vegetarian course). Well strengthened the hiking trail leads you now back to the town of Oberkirch, at the restaurant “Siberner Stern” you will be rewarded with the dessert.

The hiking trail is entirely signposted with the sign “Oberkircher Weinwanderung”. Along the way you will find boards with interesting information about viniculture in the Renchtal.

The pass for doing this hiking tour costs EUR 49,- per person and includes the 4-course menu, one sparkling wine and three accompanying  wines. The wines come from the Oberkircher Winzer eG, the Winery Renner and the Winery Bähr. The menu changes every season. You can book the tour between April and October, from Thursday to Sunday (except on holidays). Bigger groups can also book a wineguide to get more information about the wines that are served.

If you would like to book the tour you can do so at the “Renchtal Tourismus GmbH”, just call +49 (0) 7802 82600.

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