Fruit-Growing/Farm Shops - Renchtal - The forefront of the Black Forest.

Fruit-Growing and Farm Shops

The Rench Valley is located in one of Germany’s most important fruit-growing areas. It is thanks to the numerous hours of sunshine and the fruit growers’ long experience that high-quality fruits are cultivated in our region. The variety of fruits is large: from apples and berries – especially strawberries – to damsons and cherries: on our fields you can find everything. Fruit-growing is part of our culture. Wherever you go, large orchards appear and especially in spring the Rench Valley turns into a magnificent sea of blossoms. It is no wonder that the fruit producers’ cooperative OGM Obstgroßmarkt Mittelbaden eG is headquartered in the Rench Valley. Day by day, local fruit producers bring their freshly harvested products to OGM, where they are carefully controlled in order to be finally transported to one of the numerous customers.


Bächlehof - Freilandeier

Weingut Bähr

Busam Bernhard

  • Weierhof 2
  • 77704 Oberkirch
  • Telefon: 07805-4606
  • Fax: 07805-914981


  • Ramsbacherstraße 22
  • 77728 Oppenau
  • Telefon: 07804-614
  • Fax: 07804-9119614

Ell Manfred

Obsthof Heiberger

Holzofenbäckerei Gisela Huber

Weingut Josef Huber

Obsthof Markus Kimmig

Kimmigs Hoflädele


Obsthof und Trotterei

  • Lindenstraße 27
  • 77704 Oberkirch
  • Telefon: 07805-2927

Franz-Josef Müller Obstbau- und Edelbranntweinbrennerei

Obst und Ideen Schappacher

Obsthof Schappacher & Besenwirtschaft "Moschtkeller"

Obsthof Spinner

Sturm Anneliese

  • Grimmersbach 1
  • 77704 Oberkirch
  • Telefon: 07802-5839
  • Fax: 07802-5839


Obst- und Spargelhof

Wurth Willi Obst- und Spargelhof

  • Schwarzwaldstraße 5
  • 77728 Oppenau
  • Telefon: 07804 912866