Hiking - Renchtal - The forefront of the Black Forest.

The Rench Valley - a Paradise for Hikers

In the Rench Valley, hikers of all kind are welcome: thanks to our diverse landscape you can go for easier walks through our orchards, explore our vineyards, as well as start a more challenging tour through the hilly area of the Black Forest. Popular destinations are, for example, the ruins of the Schauenburg castle or of the Allerheiligen monastery with its impressive waterfalls of 100 metres of height as well as the viewing towers Moosturm, Geigerskopf and Buchkopf. The long-distance hiking trails Renchtalsteig, Westweg, Ortenauer Weinpfad, and Kandelhöhenweg lead through the Rench Valley, too, and invite you to explore our beautiful holiday region by foot.

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Explore the Rench Valley in five stages and discover its diverse landscape such as the wineyards around Oberkirch, the nearly treeless and humid area - the so-calles Grinden - around Alexanderschanze, legendary rock faces, or the waterfalls of Allerheiligen. Hiking on one of the most beautiful hiking trails of Baden-Wuerttemberg, the Renchtalsteig, is definitely a great experience. [more]

Oberkircher Brennersteig

The hiking trail „Brennersteig“ 14 km long and proceeds along the “Hesselbacher valley” in Oberkirch. It passes the observation tower “Geigerskopfturm” where you have a beautiful view over the Renchtal valley. The trail runs along nice and diverse paths through the forest, vineyards and the landscapes of the fruit farmers. Along the “Brennersteig” you are invited to get to know the Renchtal valley and its wide range of regional culinary delights. Oberkirch and the area is very famous for its Schnapps producers. So along the “Brennersteig” you will have the chance to try some of the delicious schnapps and liqueur directly from its producer. You get to taste schnapps and liqueur made out of cherries, plums, mirabelles, raspberries, pears and many more. Only in Oberkirch are over 890 distilleries located and registerd, which makes Oberkirch the capital of distilleries in Europe.

Vineyard tour in Oberkirch

Walk through our idyllic vineyards to the ruins of the Schauenburg castle and to the historic district Gaisbach on a route of 7.1 kilometres. During this tour you can make stops at some of Oberkirch’s high-quality restaurants for enjoying each time one course of a 4-course meal and the corresponding wines. For further information please contact Renchtal Tourismus GmbH.

More Hiking Tours


Ortenauer Weinpfad/Badische Weinstraße

The Ortenau in the heart of Baden, blessed with wine and fruits, is accessible for gourmets by the wine hiking trail “Ortenauer Weinpfad” and by the road “Badische Weinstraße”. The “Ortenauer Weinpfad” is accessible by foot and invites you to explore the beautiful vineyards from Gernsbach to Diersburg. Along the trail you can find numerous restaurants and snack places, inviting you to stop by for a while. Those who prefer to drive by car can enjoy the magnificent landscape with all its idyllic villages and vineyards on the “Badische Weinstraße”.

For further information please contact Renchtal Tourismus GmbH or see www.weinparadies-ortenau.de.


“The Westweg is cult – cult because it is one of the few long-distance hiking trails worldwide that hikers need to explore.” The Westweg is 280 kilometres long and runs from Pforzheim to Basle in twelve stages.

For further information please contact Renchtal Tourismus GmbH or see www.westweg.de .