Lautenbach - Renchtal - The forefront of the Black Forest.


Lautenbach, an idyllic holiday and pilgrimage destination, is located in the heart of the Rench Valley. Its landscape is characterised by vines and orchards.

 The pilgrimage church of Lautenbach, “Mariä Krönung”, is probably the most beautiful and important church of our region and is often described as a true pearl of the late Gothic art of sacral building. 

Specialties of the delicious Baden cuisine are of course served in Lautenbach, too. 

Especially the rustic “Vesperstuben”, snack places on the hills, are excellent hiking destinations and rest stations. 

Thanks to the large variety of fruits, Lautenbach has many farm shops and growers who sell their fresh products as well as high-quality schnapps and liqueurs. Especially in spring, when everything is in bloom, and on warm summer evenings, too, going for a walk along the River Rench is quite a nice thing to do. 

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Wallfahrtskirche Mariä Krönung, Lautenbach

Pilgrimage Church "Mariä Krönung"

The pilgrimage church “Mariä Krönung” was built between 1471 and 1488. Most people call it a gem for art lovers. The church is over 500 years old and shows a pure and living evidence of the beliefs and faith of the residents of this region and all the pilgrims.

Even though the church has so many different construction elements it surprises with its beautiful interior space which shows perfect harmony. These effects are the result of the nearly complete original interior. Every art lover can find exquisite masterpieces of architecture inside these walls.

The master-builder was Hans Hertwig, he designed the rooms with their reticulated vault.  The perfect stonecutter work shows the influence of Niclas Gerhaerdt and gives the building special nobility. The three winged altars are excellence at its finest, especially the different sculptures and paintings. The high altar (which was consecrated in 1483) has an very exceptional position because of its combination of superior masterpieces in wood craft and painting. Both side altars are on par to the high altar regarding the artistic quality and the theological statements.

Very famous are also the 59 gorgeous pictures in the windows which are a unique work of the famous Peter Hemmel from Straßbourg.

Until today the experts haven’t been able to identify for sure all the artists who have contributed their work to the pilgrimage church. Many books refer to big names as the alleged creators of all the art.