Oppenau - Renchtal - The forefront of the Black Forest.


Welcome to Oppenau, the paradise for hiking and paragliding in the Rench Valley.

Located in the heart of the Black Forest Nature Park Central/North, Oppenau is an ideal destination for hikers thanks to a large number of hiking trails with many different degrees of difficulty. Oppenau’s restaurants invite you to taste their typical Black Forest specialties both during and after hiking.

The ruins of the Allerheiligen monastery and its impressive waterfalls bear witness to the vivid history of Oppenau. On your hiking tour over the Black Forest hills, many viewpoints offer you a spectacular view over the whole Rench Valley.

Furthermore Oppenau is known as the Mecca for paragliders. Be impressed by the air acrobats or start to paraglide yourself. Oppenau has four starting places and with that it is probably the only place in Germany’s low mountain ranges where you can start with every wind direction. Tandem flights are offered as well.

For further information please contact our service office in Oppenau or see www.oppenau.de.

Buchkopfturm Observation tower Oppenau

Observation Tower "Buchkopfturm"

The tower is located in the district “Maisach” of the town Oppenau.  Very close to the quality hiking trails “Renchtalsteig” and “Westweg”.

From there you have a beautiful view into large parts of the Black Forest and all the way over the Rhine plain to the Vosges. The tower made out of silver fir is 28 meters high and is located 921 meters above sea level. The tower has eight floors; each floor offers you a panoramic view.

The tower has a caliber of 6,50 meters and a total capacity of about 1000 cbm. To get to the top of the tower you need to walk up 140 steps.

If you are looking for more information like hiking trails, you can check out the following website http://buchkopfturm.renchtal.de/ or contact our service point directly in Oppenau at oppenau@renchtal-tourismus.de

Monastery Ruins "Allerheiligen"

The route to Allerheiligen Monastery Ruins takes you through nature at its most beautiful. Hidden in the depths of the Black Forest, near a cascading waterfall, the ruins enchant hikers and history enthusiasts alike.

Set in a secluded valley in the Black Forest, Allerheiligen Monastery was founded in the late 12th century by Uta of Schauenburg. In 1657, the Premonstratensian monastery became an abbey and was updated in the Baroque style. Through the provision of pastoral care and a school run by monks, Allerheiligen exerted great religious and cultural influence over the surrounding region of the Black Forest.

At the beginning of the 10th century, much church property passed into the possession of German states. For Allerheiligen, as in many other places, this signified more than just the end of monastic life; buildings were used for other purposes and ultimately fell into disrepair. After a fire, approval was given to demolish the remaining structures. But the ruined monastery church soon won new fame: in the age of Romanticism, the atmospheric ruins, buried deep in the Black Forest, suddenly regained appeal. The crumbling walls and broken arches became a symbol of bygone grandeur in unspoiled natural surroundings. After the nearby Büttenstein waterfall was made more accessible Allerheiligen developed into a popular tourist attraction – with the author Mark Twain among the many visitors.

Allerheiligen offers a sublime juxtaposition of romantic ruins and stunning natural beauty: the path up to the former monastery threads along a ravine, past the highest natural waterfalls in the Black Forest.

After the climb, the Klosterhof inn provides a welcome opportunity for rest and refreshments. On the monastery grounds, visitors can view a permanent exhibition on the history of Allerheiligen, in restored building. In summer, the site serves a spectacular open-air theatre.

Waterfalls Allerheiligen Oppenau

Waterfalls "Allerheiligen"

The Allerheiligen Waterfalls belong to the most beautiful and highest waterfalls in the Black Forest.  Embedded between the mountains Schliffkopf, Hundskopf and Schwabenkopf the waterfalls rush down the seven cascades which are about 90 meters high. In 1840 they built a trail around this natural showplace. On this trail the visitors have to walk along the ravine on the numerous steps and pass many bridges to come across the waterfalls. In addition to the monastery ruins “Allerheiligen” the waterfalls are one of the main attractions in the summer, a popular desination for every nature lover.

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