The Renchtal Holiday Region

The gateway to the Black Forest National Park

The Renchtal holiday region, with the towns of Oberkirch, Lautenbach and Oppenau, runs between the Baden Wine Route and the Black Forest National Park. The beautifully situated orchards and vineyards, the endless forests and the openness of the Black Forest heights are ideal for hiking, mountain biking and paragliding. Tradition and culture are still lived here with heart and soul. Remnants from the age of chivalry still remain in the form of the late-Gothic pilgrimage church of the Coronation of the Virgin Mary and the castle ruins of Schauenburg. The All Saints’ Waterfalls and the monastery ruins of the same name are the stuff from which fantasy series are created. The historic town centres are also quite old, a magnificent backdrop for every city festival and every visit.

1000 Distilleries

For connoisseurs, the Renchtal is a pantry full of food. It’s here where the first strawberries and cherries come from and the tradition of beekeeping is very much alive. Everything comes from here! The country inns are not only loved for their wood-fired bread and Bibelas cheese, onion tart and Neuer Süßer (federweisser wine), but also because for their cosiness. Simply sit down and join someone! The inns and restaurants also know all about fine cuisine. Asparagus, fresh mushrooms and local game are on the menu every year. Everyone knows that Baden cuisine is amongst the best in Germany. As the saying goes: Where the wine grows, the food is better. And there is plenty of Riesling and Pinot noir here, as well as all the other good wines. The heart beats just as strongly for distilleries. Over 1000 distilleries can be found in the Renchtal area. So much cherry brandy, raspberry brandy and Williams Christ pear brandy in one place is probably unique. What is important, whether for cook or landlord, winegrower or distiller, farmer or beekeeper, is that it tasted great – or, as we say in these parts “gschmeckt het”. Everybody should enjoy the good Baden cuisine, not only the guests, but also the locals. We’re quite spoiled!

800 km of hiking and biking trails

And if you’re eating so much, you’ll probably want to move around a bit. The Renchtal has around 800 kilometres of hiking and cycling trails to offer. They are extremely well signposted and many of them have been named as quality hiking trails. The Renchtal valley dream tours – the Oberkirch Brennersteig trail, the Lautenbach Hexensteig trail, Maisach Turmsteig trail and the other circular routes, lead to summits and vantage points, such as the Buchkopf viewing tower in Oppenau or the Geigerskopf viewing tower. They pass through orchards, vineyards and forests and lead past fabulous places such as the witches’ cottage on the Stollberg. It is never boring here!


Then let’s go!

Here you will find more great excursion destinations in and around the Renchtal.

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