Between witches and devils

Panoramaaufnahme über Lautenbach
Hexenhäuschen auf einer Lichtung entlang des Qualitätswanderwegs Lautenbacher Hexensteigs mit Sitzbank
Innenansicht der Wallfahrtskirche Mariä Krönung in Lautenbach
Blick über Lautenbach von einer Sitzbank am Panoramaweg
Aussicht über Lautenbach

When does spring begin? Some say it begins with the cherry blossom, others say with the strawberries. Thanks to its special microclimate, the first strawberries of the year grow in Lautenbach.

It also has great wine and that is why not only mountains adorn the coat of arms, but also grapes. If you want to explore the landscape, you can cycle along the Renchtal cycle path or hike along the panorama trail, the Lautenbach Hexensteig quality hiking trail or the Teufelssteig on the other side of the valley.

From the heights, Lautenbach’s second landmark stands out in particular. It is the 500-year-old late-Gothic pilgrimage church of the Coronation of the Virgin Mary, which has miraculously remained intact. Such expeditions can make you hungry and thirsty. With “Wild Men”, “Dummis” and other specialities, as well as a good drop of wine, you are bound to get a taste for it.

The many festivals in the area are just as culinarily delightful and as colourful as our meadows. It starts with a bang with carnival and ends a bit more quietly with the mountain hut hiking day
And then of course there are the strawberries...