Pärchen beim Radfahren auf dem Renchdamm
Ein Paar sitzt mit der Picknickdecke an der Rench, Fahrräder im Hintergrund
Pärchen mit Fahrrad und Erdbeerkorb


Country roads, bike paths, dirt tracks. The Renchtal is begging to be discovered and it is perfect to do it with a (electric) touring bike. Drive off, stop, continue. Or pedalling, shopping, picnicking. Renchtal’s microcosm of fruit, wine, forest, meadows and castles offers plenty for the eye to see. Stopping here does not mean stopping, but arriving. Try it out with some comforts! Where’s the picnic blanket? On the pannier rack!

Overcoming hurdles with the e-bike

Cycle up to the Black Forest heights with ease with an e-bike! You can experience this new “cycling feeling” and climb the peaks with the help of an electric motor.

Haven't found a suitable e-bike tour yet?

Our partner ADFC has worked out tours for the Renchtal and Ortenau regions, including destinations that can be easily reached by public transport, such as the Hornisgrinde, Freudenstadt, Strasbourg and Baden-Baden.

...And if the batteries run low, our charging stations are available for a "top up" free of charge along the way.
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Here you can find our local specialist bike shops

Rad Technik Martin Hund
Stresemannstraße 1
77704 Oberkirch
Tel. 0049 7802 982222

Opening times
9am - midday
2pm - 6pm Uhr
9am - 1pm
Bike hire also on Sunday and Mondays

myvélo former Zweirad Müller
Südring 10
77704 Oberkirch
Tel. 0049 7802 4745

Monday - Friday
8:30am - 12:15pm
2:30pm - 6:15pm
9:00am - 1pm
Closed on Wednesday

Rad Michel
Krautschollenweg 31
77704 Oberkirch
Tel. 0049 7802 7058028

9am - midday
2pm - 6:30pm
9am - 1pm
Closed on Wednesday