Viticulture in the Rench valley

If the saying in Italy goes “All roads lead to Rome”, then in Renchtal it would be “All roads lead to wine!”

Blick auf die Reben in Oberkirch
Das Bild zeigt drei Männer bei einer Weinprobe des Weingut Renner
Reben aus der Luft fotografiert mit Stadt im Hintergrund
Pärchen mit VW Bulli in den Weinreben mit Aussicht

40000 vines

were the beginning of winegrowing in Oberkirch

The historic wine town of Oberkirch plays an important role in the Baden winegrowing region, the warmest region in Germany. Winegrowing in Oberkirch looks back on a long tradition. Around one thousand years ago, the Romans brought the first vines to the region. At the beginning of the 17th century, Duke Friedrich of Wuerttemberg had 40,000 vines planted near Ullenburg castle in Oberkirch-Tiergarten and in Fürsteneck castle. The Riesling vine found its home on the slopes of the Klingenberg in the Oberkirch district of Haslach, which, incidentally, is why Riesling is known as “Klingenberger” in the Ortenau region.

550 hectares

of total winegrowing area in Oberkirch

In Oberkirch today, wine is grown on a total area of around 550 hectares. Of this, 430 hectares are marketed cooperatively by the Oberkirch Winegrowers Association and the remaining area is operated by private vineyards. The range of varieties is wide: Müller-Thurgau, Klingelberger (Riesling), Pinot Noir, Pinot Gris, Chardonnay, Pinot Blanc and the Scheurebe are cultivated here. The Riesling, also known in the region as “Klingelberger”, as well as Burgundy varieties, especially the Pinot Noir, characterise the vineyards of this idyllic valley. It is therefore no surprise that Oberkirch, with an area of 250 hectares, is one of the largest Pinot Noir areas in Germany.

250 hectares

of Pinot Noir vines

Numerous hiking trails lead through the vast vineyard landscape, inviting you to walk and take it all in. Particularly in September and October there is a lot going on in the vineyards when the grape harvest, or as they say here, the “autumn”, is about to begin. For those who want to sample the great wines in a sociable atmosphere, you should definitely visit the wine festivals in the Renchtal region. On the first weekend of September, the nationally famous “Oberkirch Wine Festival” takes place. While the big tent plays host to a variety of party bands creating a great atmosphere, the younger guests, as well as the grown-ups, can let off a little steam on the big wheel at the fair. All fans of culinary delights will get their money’s worth along the Oberkich gastronomy pleasure mile. Those who prefer it a little quieter and homely can visit the many small farm and wine festivals at the numerous fruit farms and vineyards in Oberkirch. Alternatively, stop off at one of the country taverns in spring or autumn. There you will find many delicious, regional dishes to go with their own wines.
In the Rench valley they live by the motto:

“Taste the Black Forest”

"Life is too short to drink bade wine!"

                                                                                    - Johann Wolfgang von Goethe -