Excursion destinations in Renchtal

The Renchtal region offers all kinds of tradition, historical sights and culture. Although no fairy-taless are known to actually originate in the Renchtal, there are still a lot of things that still inspire: legends, stories and occurrences. Remnants from the age of chivalry still remain in the form of the late-Gothic pilgrimage church of the Coronation of the Virgin Mary and the castle ruins of Schauenburg. The historic town centres are also beautifully old, a magnificent backdrop for every city festival and every visit. The All Saints’ Waterfalls and the monastery ruins of the same name are the stuff from which fantasy series are created and great for hiking. The view from the Moos, the local mountain, the Geigerskopf and Buchkopf, upon which the viewing tower is enthroned, is amazing. A poet has already written about it but the view leaves many speechless. So beautiful!