Our gastronomy in the Renchtal

Hospitality, and the gastronomy associated with it, have a long tradition in the Renchtal. Culinary delights entice in a wide range of variations:

The seasonal taverns, known here as Strauße, are not only loved for their wood-fired bread and Bibelas cheese, onion tart and Neuer Süßer (federweisser wine), but also because of their cosiness. Simply sit down and join someone! Our inns and restaurants also know all about fine cuisine. Asparagus, fresh mushrooms and local game are on the menu every year. Everyone knows that Baden cuisine is amongst the best in Germany. What is important, whether for cook or landlord, winegrower or distiller, farmer or beekeeper, is that it tasted great – or, as we say in these parts “gschmeckt het”. Everybody should enjoy the good Baden cuisine, not only the guests, but also the locals. We’re quite spoiled!