Regional delights directly from the farm

The Renchtal offers a full pantry for gourmets!

ein Korb voller Erdbeeren
Pärchen beim Picknick an der Rench

The Renchtal lies in the middle of one of the most important fruit growing areas in Germany. Thanks to the many hours of sunshine and the growers’ years of experience, fruit of the highest quality is grown in our region. There are no limits to the pleasure of fruit: from apples and berries, in particular strawberries, to plums and cherries, you can find everything in the fields of the Renchtal. Fruit growing is part of the culture here in the Renchtal. No matter where you look there are orchards everywhere and especially in springtime the Renchtal becomes a sea of flowers. It is therefore no surprise that the headquarters of the producer cooperative, OGM Mittelbaden, is located in Oberkirch. Every day, the fruit growers deliver the freshly harvested fruit to the OGM collection points, where it is thoroughly inspected before finally being transported to an array of customers.


Take a peak behind the crates of fruit!

And let experienced fruit growers introduce you to the secrets of strawberry growing, apple harvesting or the cultivation of vegetables.