Renchtal gourmet bike tours

Discover the Renchtal on an enjoyable bike tour

The route not only leads through a beautiful landscape, it also has plenty of delicacies to offer.
Along the way, six farm stores and restaurants provide regional specialties and refreshing drinks.
The tour is accompanied by an ADFC-trained bike guide and leads from Oberkirch via Renchen-Erlach and Ulm back to Oberkirch.

  • 28 km long bike route (102 Hm)
  • 6 stops
    incl. specialties and drinks

  • 58 Euro per person
  • Bookable on the following dates in 2023:

    14.04./ 12.05./ 09.06./21.07./ 22.09.
  • Start: 13:30 
  • End: 19:30 
  • Station 1:
    Steffens Feines
    Finger food
    1 hot drink or juice spritzer
  • Station 2:
    Gasthof "Zur Winzerstube"
    Variation salad
    1 juice spritzer
  •  Station 3:
    Obst- und Spargelhof Wurth
    piece of cake
    1 hot drink
  • Station 4: 
    Kammerers Schnapslounge
    1/2 Flammkuchen
    1 schnapps and beer, juice spritzer or wine spritzer
  • Station 5:
    Obsthof Heiberger
    fruit bowl
    1 Syrup spritzer
  • Station 6:
    GluckerEi Genusswelt, Minigolf Oberkirch
    homemade sorbet with fruits
    1 non-alcoholic cocktail

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