Small tour in Lautenbach

Bachdatscherlebrunnen in Lautenbach

The small tour takes you to sights and beautiful places in the centre of the town:

  •  Spa park behind the Neuensteinhalle
  • Church and spa garden
  • Bachdatscherle fountain

It starts and finishes at the town hall and leads you through the centre of the town.

From the town hall building you will reach the Neuensteinhalle building and the small spa park behing it. Benches invite you to sit on the banks of the Rench, the river that gave the valley its name. The tour continues to the pilgrimage church of the Coronation of Mary, one of the oldest, most beautiful and best preserved late Gothic churches in the Ortenau region. From May to October guided tours of the church take place every Sunday at 11am. Behind the pilgrimage church you will find beautiful spa gardens with fountain. In summer, events take place here on the small open-air stage.

The last thing you will walk past is the Bachdatscherle fountain. The name comes from the legend that people who lived near Lautenbach stream sometimes, and especially at night, heard a peculiar beating and hissing sound – or “datschern” in German. Three small, precocious water nymphs cast in bronze frolic in and around the round walk-in basin, expressing their exuberant joy at their playing in the water. The Bachdatscherle fountain is located opposite the town hall. This is where the short tour of the town ends and invites you to stop for a bite to eat in one of Lautenbach’s restaurants.


Small tour in Lautenbach

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