All Saints’ waterfalls

Wasserfälle aus zwei Richtungen enden in einem kleinen See, umgeben von Wald

The All Saints’ waterfalls are among the most beautiful and highest waterfalls in the Black Forest. Nestled in the mountain landscape of the Schliffkopf, Hundskopf and Schwabenkopf, over seven cascades plunge almost 90 metres down the steep rocks. This natural attraction was opened up in 1840 by way of a picturesque path that leads visitors along the gorge via numerous stairways and over several bridges across the waterfalls. Along with the ruins of the monastery, the waterfalls represent the main attraction of All Saints and are a popular destination for all lovers of nature, especially in summer.

The waterfalls, which are part of forest area, remained inaccessible for some time, even after the monastery was dissolved. The opening up of the gorge in 1840 was made possible thanks to the commitment of master forester Eichrodt, head of the Achern forestry office, and the forest warden Mittenmaier, who had come to All Saints in 1838.

A path up to two feet wide was laid out and the steep rock precipices of the seven waterfalls had to be overcome using ladders. This was of course very adventurous and exciting for hikers and tourists, but was also quite dangerous. After news of the conclusion of the work and ascent of the falls using ladders spread, the Grand Ducal Court Chamber in Karlsruhe also became interested. In 1842 they provided a total of 100 guilders to create a broader and safer pathway for the general public. Stairs replaced the ladders, and dangerous parts were secured with railings.

There are parking spaces below the waterfalls.

TIP: Oppenau Legend Trail, All Saints’ waterfalls and monastery ruins! You can find a map of the tour here.

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All Saints' waterfalls

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