Buchkopf viewing tower

Buchkopfturm mit Landschaft

The tower is located in the village of Maisach, above the Bad Antogast estate in the immediate vicinity of the Westweg trail and the Renchtalsteig trail, as well as the Maisach Turmsteig quality hiking trail.

From there you have a view across large parts of the Black Forest, over the Rhine plain to the Vosges mountains. The Weißtannenturm (silver fir tower) viewing tower is 28 metres high and lies 921 metres above sea level. It has 8 floors, which were built in modern cross-laminated timber construction. To ensure that this construction holds, 13 tons of steel were also added. The exterior and interior shell is made from local silver fir, hence the name.

The diameter is approximately 6.5 metres; the total volume approx. 1000 cubic metres. Due to the open hexagonal shape, a full panoramic view is possible from each floor. The top floor can be reached by around 140 steps with half landings too.


Buchkopf viewing tower