Doll museum in Oberkirch

In the city center of Oberkirch there is an extraordinary private doll museum with about 500 dolls from different brands like Käthe-Kruse, Schildkröt and Steiff, stuffed animals and a model train. Highlight is one of maximum worldwide 15 Cleveland doll houses, a modelling of the "White House" from 1903. Also, the building itself is fascinating because it survived the city fire in 1689. 

The museum is located in the Thomaslohgasse 8. If you are interested to visit the museum (maximum 6 persons), please contact Rudolf Zillgith, Tel.  07802 7062350. The entrance is free, donations are welcome.

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Doll museum

Thomaslohgasse 8, 77704 Oberkirch

For visiting please call  07802-7062350.